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Beyond Philly

Long Island's
Best Cheesesteaks!

At Beyond Philly, we pay tribute to the Cheesesteak and the place that made it famous. The great city of Philadelphia is the birthplace of our government, the US mint, the public library, the stock exchange and so much more. It’s where patriots built this great nation!


Being the home of the Liberty Bell and countless cheesesteak shops makes it a place everyone should visit. Of course that being said, how can you beat living in New York?


From the city to the beach, we have it all. When it comes to food, we New Yorkers don’t have to leave town to get the best. Whether it’s fine dining, a pizza, a pastrami sandwich or even a bagel, nobody does it better.


So why should we be satisfied with an occasional trip to Philly as being the only way to get a great cheesesteak?

Well that is our goal, to serve quality, delicious cheesesteaks right here on Long Island where we were born and raised. So somewhere beyond Philly, at a little store in Blue Point you can find just that.


Thank you for reading and for your business!


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